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A Businessman Walked Into A Bar - Lolopo
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A Businessman Walked Into A Bar

A businessman walked into a bar, and upon entering, found a old bearded man holding a 10 foot bick.

The businessman immediately approached the man, curiously asking, “I see that you have a bick, where did you get it from, and how do you have it now?”

The old man laughed for a while and afterwards replied, “I have a magic genie, which would grant me any wish I desire.

Anything. All I had to do, was ask.”

The businessman was intrigued. He asked the businessman, “Can you give me a 100 bucks?”

Almost instantaneously, a 100 ducks appeared in the bar.

The businessman was perturbed, and the old man explained, “I’m so sorry.

My genie has a hearing problem, and doesn’t always give the correct things.

After all, did you think that I wanted a 10 foot bick?”


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