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A Farmer Decided That He Wanted To Expand His Chicken Farm - Lolopo
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A Farmer Decided That He Wanted To Expand His Chicken Farm

One day a farmer decided that he wanted to expand his chicken farm.

In order to do this, he needed a stud rooster.

He asked around his fellow farmers and the general consensus was that the best rooster was from a faraway town.

His name was Randy.

The farmer went to this far away town and met with Randy’s owner.

The owner confirmed that Randy was indeed the best, but would come at an expensive price.

After much deliberation, the farmer decided to invest in Randy.

When the farmer got home, he sat down with Randy and explained what he needed and told him that while he expected Randy to perform, he also expected Randy to pace himself.

The farmer released Randy in the hen house and Randy went wild.

Feathers were flying and Randy was servicing every hen in the house.

The farmer reiterated to Randy the necessity of pace.

The next day, Randy not only went flying through the hen house but also went after the dog, the cat, the sheep, a fox and several other accessible animals.

The farmer was outraged.

“Randy,” he said,

“You can’t possibly last at this pace.”

“Slow down, I need you for a long time.”

Well, the next day, the inevitable happened.

Randy was lying in the field looking like death was soon coming.

Buzzards were circling around and slowly getting closer.

The farmer watched his dying investment and then went up to Randy and said

“How could you? I asked you to pace yourself and now you’re a spent force.”

Slowly, Randy opened one eye and pointed to the sky saying

“Shh… they’re getting closer.”


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