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A farmer is lazily laying

A farmer is lazily laying on the ground lounging in the morning sun next to his donkey when a man on a bike rides up and asks,

“Excuse me, do you have the correct time? My watch has stopped.”

The farmer reaches over to his donkey, lifts its test!cles for a moment then says

“It’s 1:24”

The rider is taken aback, “Are you sure?” He asked.

The farmer simply nods curtly, giving another cursory glance to the donkey’s pendulous b@lls.

The rider adjusts his watch, hesitantly thanks the farmer and carries on.

Later on, the farmer is having his lunch in the same spot and the same cyclist rides up from the other side.

“Hello again, can I trouble you for the time once more?”.

Once again the farmer leans over and lifts the donkey’s plums and says,

“it’s 3 past 12”.

The man confirms it with his watch to the minute.

“That’s amazing,” he says,

“How can you get such accurate time from checking a donkey’s privates?”.

The farmer beckons the rider closer, and lifts the mule’s sack once more and points at the now visible clock tower just over the hill.


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