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Clean Jokes

A guy was running for an elevator

A guy was running for an elevator and he stuck his hand in to stop the doors, and the doors opened.

Inside stood a blonde.

He said, “Good morning, which floor are you going to?”

She responded, “3rd floor.”

He pushed the 3rd floor button, plus the 5th floor for himself.

As the elevator started moving the gentleman struck up a conversation and asked the blonde where she was going.

She said, “I’m going to the blood bank on the 3rd floor; I donate blood once a week for $10 to supplement my income.”

Then she asked the gentleman where he was going.

He responded, “I’m going to the seed bank on the 5th floor; I donate seed there once a week for $50 to supplement my income”.

The next week the same scenario happens.

He stopped the elevator doors with his hand, the doors opened and the blonde was standing inside.

He smiled and greeted her and asked if she was going to the 3rd floor?

The blonde responded in a garbled tone as if she had something in her mouth, “No 5th floor first.”


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