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Clean Jokes

A Man Goes Into A Antique Shop

The shopkeeper notices his interest and hurries over.

“That’s a nice piece of cabinetmaking,” says the customer, “but the price is a little high.”

“Well yes,” says the shopkeeper, “that’s because it’s magic.”

The customer laughs, “How can it be magic?” and the shopkeeper turns to the dressing table, looks in the mirror and says “How old am I?”.

At once the dressing-table drawer begins sliding in and out and the shopkeeper and customer both count “1… 2… 3…” until the drawer reaches 47; and without another word the shopkeeper takes out his driver’s license and sure enough, he is 47 years old.

“That’s amazing!” says the customer.

He looks in the mirror and says “How many dogs have I owned in my life?” and the drawer slides in and out five times.

Laughing again in pure delight, he looks again and says “How much money does my wife have that I don’t know about?”.

At once the drawer begins flickering in and out almost too fast to count, and by the time it stops there is a faint smell of wood smoke and the customer is blinking.

“Twenty-three thousand dollars…?

Where in the world did she get that kind of money?”

And the dressing table’s drawers fall off and its legs fly apart.


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