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A man goes into a Harley Davidson shop

A man goes into a Harley Davidson shop and while looking at bikes, the salesman comes up and asks if he has any questions.

The man then asks how he keeps the chrome looking so good on all these bikes?

The salesman replies, “That’s easy, I carry a jar of Vaseline in my pocket and when it looks like it’s going to rain, I put Vaseline on all the chrome and wipe it off when it quits raining and no water spots.”

The guy says that makes sense and later picks a bike to purchase.

After completing the paperwork, he rides the bike to a pharmacy and purchases a jar of Vaseline that he puts in his pocket.

The man then rides the bike over to his girlfriend’s house and while they are standing outside looking at the bike, his girlfriend’s phone rings.

His girlfriend says that it’s her parents and they want to invite them to dinner at their house.

The guy agrees and says they can ride the bike over to their house.

As their walking up to the front door, the girlfriend says she needs to tell him something before they go inside.

She tells him that you can’t talk during dinner.

The guy asks why, and the girlfriend says the first person to talk has to do the dishes.

The guy thinks this to be a little strange, but says OK.

When they get inside, the guy looks inside the kitchen and sees about two months worth of dirty dishes piled up and thinks there is no way he’s talking during dinner.

They sit down and begin eating when a thought pops into the guys head.

The guy grabs his girlfriend an d throws her up on the dining room table and rails the shit out of her, but no one says a word.

The guy then grabs his girlfriend’s mom and throws her up on the table and rails her too, and again no one says anything.

About that time, the guy hears thunder and reaches in his pocket to recover the jar of Vaseline.

His girlfriend’s father then says, “bang this sh!t, I’ll do the goddamn dishes!”


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