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Clean Jokes

A man is hitch-hiking

A man is hitch-hiking and picked up by a driver.

While their in the car they start talking and having a conversation.

First they’re just talking.

Then they start disagreeing.

Then they start getting a little defensive.

Then they start arguing.

Then they start yelling at each other and cussing at each other.

Finally the driver says: “That’s it get the hell out my car”.

The hitch-hiker gets out and slams the door shut the driver starts driving at about 25 mph and notices the hitch-hiker is running next to the car with a furious look on his face banging on the window.

The driver gets mad and speeds up to about 50 mph and notices the guy is still running right next to the car banging on the window.

So the guy says: “that’s it I’m getting rid of this guy” and speeds up to 100 mph and the guy is still running right next to him yelling: “Pull over!”.

Finally the guy pulls over and says: “Man you sure can run fast” and the hitch-hiker responds with: “Well, you could too if your d**k was stuck in the door.”


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