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A Man Went Jogging And Fell Into Quicksand

As he desperately tried to free himself, another jogger came by.

“Help!” The man called out to the other jogger. “Please help me get out of this quicksand!”

“Only if you eat my poop,” replied the other jogger.

“Never mind,” said the man, “I’ll figure it out myself.”

Soon the man had sunk to his waist.

When another jogger came by, the man called out again. “Help! Please help me out of here!”

“Only if you eat my poop,” said the other jogger.

“Forget it!” Said the man. “I don’t need your help.”

More time passed with no one coming by, and the man had sunk up to his neck.

He was getting desperate and beginning to panic.

Finally, a third jogger came by. “Help!” He called to the third jogger. The jogger walked over.

The man blubbered, “Please get me out of here! I’LL EAT YOUR POOP!”

“SICKO!” Cried the other jogger, and stepped on his head.


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