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Clean Jokes

A old drunk walks into the toughest biker bar

An old drunk walks into the toughest biker bar.

He immediately Scans the crowd until he finds the toughest biker in the bar.

The guy is a Monster or a man and looks very dangerous.

The old drunken man sits down on a bar stool next to him and says loudly,
“Hey buddy! Hey! Tough guy! Why don’t you buy me a beer before I go home and go b@ng your mom!”

The crowd goes silent; they know this biker has killed for far less.

But he just sits there turning red.

The old guy continues:

“You know I b@nged your mom last week too! She LOVED it!!”

Again, the crowd waits for the big biker to kill the old drunk.

But he just sits there getting angrier and angrier.

The old man says:

“I’m going to give it to her so hard tonight! She won’t walk right after I’m done with her! What do you think about that, big guy??”

Suddenly the massive biker stands up, spins the old drunk towards him, grabs his shoulders and says,

“Goddammit dad, go home! You’re drunk!”


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