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A Old Lady Headed To Church - Lolopo
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A Old Lady Headed To Church

One Sunday morning, an old lady headed to church late because she couldn’t find her hearing aid.

As she was late and did not want to be noticed, she sat in the back, next to a teenager.

The pastor began his preaching.

To have an example for what he was preaching, he asked,

“Everyone who has committed the sin of adultery, stand up.”

The old lady was wondering why everybody went quiet suddenly and asked the teenager what the pastor just said.

He answered that the pastor asked of people who wanted mints to stand up.

Our nice old lady stood up, without a care in the world.

The pastor was outraged, he demanded to know why she had stood up.

To that, the old lady responded, “I may be old and toothless, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy taste it one from time to time.”


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