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A woman was looking around town for full-length mirror

A woman was looking around town for an antique full-length mirror for her posh house, when she entered antique dealers and inside she saw everything covered with dust covers.

So she asked the sales assistant do you have a really old, antique full-length mirror?

I’ve been all around town looking for one.

“I sure do”, said the assistant.

“it’s right here”, he pulled the cover off and there stood this full length, gorgeous antique mirror.”

“how much is it?” asked the woman.”

“well, seeing as it’s a real antique and is around 100 years old, I can’t let it go for no less than $5,000”,
“$5,000? it had better be authentic.”

She said, “it’s not just authentic, but it used to belong to (if you believe this) a witch? And it’s supposedly has a spell on it that grants the owner any wish they desire.”

“OK, fine”, said the woman, and she paid him the $5,000 and instructed the assistant to deliver it to her home.

The next day, while her husband was washing the house windows, the mirror arrived, and it was placed on the inside of the bathroom door, about half an hour later she decided to take a bath, and got undressed, and looked at herself in the mirror and just muttered to herself.

“my husband has always complained about the size of those, I wonder if it’s true what the sales assistant said”,
so without really thinking about it.


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