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Clean Jokes

Frank came into work late one day

Frank came into work late one day and his boss was noticeably upset: “You’ve been late almost every day this month!

You’re fired unless you give me a good reason why!”

Frank thought for a moment then began to speak, “Sorry, boss.

I always have late night plans.

I know everyone worth knowing and it keeps me busy.”

The boss, not amused by Frank’s obvious lie, sighs and continues, “Okay, Frank.

Tell you what, you convince me that you know everyone worth knowing, and I’ll give you one more chance.”

So, that day, during lunch, Frank and his boss drive to a large manor on the edge of town.

Frank knocks on the door and Kim Kardashian opens it.

She hugs Frank and invites him and his boss in for a bite to eat.

Impressed, but still not convinced, Frank’s boss says, “That was definitely worth knowing, but it doesn’t prove you know EVERYONE worth knowing.”

Frank thinks for a moment again and starts driving north of town.

After a while, Frank and his boss arrive at another, much larger manor and he knocks on the door.

After a second, the door swings open and Samuel L. Jackson smiles at Frank and invites him in for a bite to eat.

After their second meal, Frank’s boss is more impressed but not entirely convinced.

Frank thinks and begins driving toward the airport.

Several hours later, Frank and his boss pull up to the Vatican in a cab and walk in.

Frank tells his boss that only a select few can go past a certain point so he’ll have to wait outside.

Time passes and Frank’s boss notices a crowd gathering in the plaza of the Vatican.

Once the crowd is large, Frank and the Pope walk out onto a raised platform.

From the platform, Frank can see a commotion forming around where he left his boss and rushes over.

Frank’s boss lies on the ground clutching his heart, and Frank asks, “What happened?”

The boss replies, “When you and the Pope walked out, the guy next to me asked ‘who’s that standing next to Frank?’”


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