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Little Johnny was scratching down there… - Lolopo
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Little Johnny was scratching down there…

One day in class the teacher looks over to little Johnny and sees him scratching his downstairs under the table,

She walks over to him and says, Johnny what are you doing you shouldn’t be scratching down there.

Johnny replies but miss it’s hurting down there and it itches so bad I can’t help myself.

The teacher says we’ll if it really that bad take my phone and go call your mum you shouldn’t be doing that in class.

Thank you miss Johnny replies as he heads out the door to call his mum….5 minutes later he walks back in with his weapon hanging out.

The teacher looks over as he walks back in and sees it hanging out and immediately shocked rushes over and says what do you think your doing Johnny you can have you tool out at school I sent you out there to call your mum.

To which Johnny replies I did call her she told me if I stick it out till lunch time she’ll come pick my up.


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