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Ping Pong Balls

Four friends are driving down the road when suddenly they see this beautiful girl out in the middle of a cornfield.

They approach the girl in their truck and decide to get out.

They start flirting with the girl, talking over each other so they can win her over when suddenly an old beat down truck shows up.

Leaving his vehicle, the girls father approached the young boys.

He looks at them and says “If you want to get with her you’re gonna have to impress me with a difficult task.”

This catches the attention of the boys, and they ask for further instructions on what they had to do.

The farmer looks at them and says “I want you boys to go out and bring back the most pong balls.

Whoever brings back the most ping pong balls can have her.”

So the boys are off, all heading in their separate directions.

30 minutes pass and one of the boys shows up with a bucket full of ping pong balls.

“Pretty good” the father says “but we gotta wait for the others.

Another 50 minutes go by when the second boy shows up with a dumpster full of ping pong balls.


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