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The two elderly friends Paddy and Willie

The two elderly friends Paddy and Willie were dressed up for their Friday night run at the gathering:

Willie grabbed Paddy by the sleeve and whispered.

“What are we going to do Paddy, we have no money for the whiskey?”

Paddy whispers back.

“Hold on. Da’ has a bottle buried in his sock drawer we can take that and have a great time.”

“Good idea.” Said Willie.

“I’ll go get it.” And away he went.

He scrabbled through the sock drawer, found it and put it in his back pocket.

As he rushed out the door and down the stairs he missed his footing and bounced all the way down to the bottom.

As he stood, he felt liquid running down his leg.

He passed his hand over his bum and whispered.

“Please, God. Let it be blood!”


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