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Three Accountants And Three Engineers - Lolopo
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Three Accountants And Three Engineers

Three accountants and three engineers were boarding a train.

The three accountants each bought a ticket, and then noticed confusedly that the engineers only had one ticket between the three of them.

“How can three people travel on a single ticket?” asked the accountants.

“Watch,” answered the engineers.

As the train left the station, the accountants followed the engineers into the restroom.

There, the three engineers crammed themselves into a single stall.

Along came the ticket collector, who collected each of the accountants’ tickets.

He knocked on the stall door.

“Ticket, please,” he announced.

The door cracked open, and a single hand shot out the ticket.

The ticket collector took it and left.

The accountants were astounded. Why hadn’t they thought of this before?

This could save them a lot of money with all the traveling they had to do!

As it so happened, the accountants and engineers were again boarding the same train.

This time the accountants purchased one ticket between the three, and then watched confusedly as they realized the engineers were boarding without a single ticket.

“How can three people travel without a ticket?” they asked.

“Watch,” replied the engineers.

The accountants again followed the engineers in the restroom, where the engineers crammed themselves into the bathroom stall.

Suddenly, the accountants remembered their new plan, and crammed themselves into the adjacent stall.

Then, before the ticket collector arrived, one of the engineers quietly slipped out of his stall.

Knocking on the accountants’ stall, he announced, “ticket, please!”


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