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Three People Are On A Plane - Lolopo
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Three People Are On A Plane

Three people are on a plane and it’s about to crash.

The first man throws a hundred dollar bill out the window and prays.

The second man throws a brick out of the window and prays.

The third man pulls the pin on a grenade, throws it out the window, and prays.

Later, when people are on the scene, they spot a person yelling and laughing.

They ask, “Why are you so happy?” and the person replies.

“I was walking along when a hundred dollars fell at my feet!”

They then spot a person with a huge lump on his head.

They go ask him, “What happened to your head?” and he replies, “A brick fell on my head when I was walking!”

They see yet another person with burns and bruises all over him.

They ask him, “Are you a survivor of the crash?”

He says, “No, I farted and my house blew up!”


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