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Two guys are walking down a street - Lolopo
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Two guys are walking down a street

Two guys are walking down a street and see an old man in front of them.

He walks in such a weird manner that is almost similar to a duck.

Somehow this walk bothers the two guys.

“I wonder why he’s walking that way. What could be the reason for that?”

one guy asks the other.

The Other guy replies, “Maybe he got into an accident recently and might have broken his hip or something”.

“What if he has a congenital defect and can’t walk properly because of that?” the first guy asks again.

“Let’s just ask from himself” second guy suggests.

So they run towards the old man walking in front of them.

“Excuse me, Sir. We have a question for you. Can you please tell us the reason why you’re walking that way?

My friend here guessed it’s a congenital defect and I guessed it’s from an accident. Who guessed it correctly?” asks the second guy.

The old man looks at them and slowly smiles.

He says “Well. your friend guessed something, and he got it wrong. You guessed something, and you got it wrong.

I also guessed something when I was walking down this street, and I got it wrong too.

I thought it was going to be just a tiny fart”.


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