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3 Guys Went Jungle Trekking - Lolopo
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3 Guys Went Jungle Trekking

Sometime during the journey they get caught by an ancient tribe, tied up and brought to the king of the tribe.

The king says to them all, “Since you didn’t fight back with us and have been quiet, I’ll give you 2 options.

Death or Bongo Bongo”.

The first guy was a young 21 year old, studying Computer Science in a prestigious university.

He thinks to himself, he has a lot to live for and doesn’t want to die right now.

So he chooses Bongo Bongo.

He then proceeds to get bang in the bum till he can barely walk.

After the ordeal, he limps away injured, but alive.

The second guy was a 25 year old well respected musician, having won many awards and Grammy’s.

He thinks to himself that if he gets bum raped, being super rich, he can go through the ordeal and continue living his lavish lifestyle, with the best doctors to treat his anus.

So he chooses Bongo Bongo and proceeds to get absolutely demolished by the tribesmen.

He ends up bleeding from his anus but thankfully, he’s alive.

The last guy was a 80 year old who had just witnessed his 2 friends getting analed to within an inch of their life.

He’s lived a fulfilling life, already married with kids who have jobs, and was content with death.

He decides to die honorably rather than being violated by the tribesmen, and so says “I choose death”.

The king goes up to him and says, “Very well sir.

You’ve chosen death. Death by Bongo Bongo”.


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