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A elderly couple visits the doctor

An elderly couple visits the doctor so the wife who is feeling poorly gets a checkup.

The old man waits in the waiting room while the old lady is in the examining room.

After a complete exam, the doctor brings the old woman into his office to ask her a few questions.

“How are you sleeping?” he asks.

“I get eight hours of sleep,” says the woman, and sometimes I wake up to go the bathroom, but I have no problem falling back to sleep.

Occasionally I take a 30 minutes nap in the afternoon, but all in all, I sleep just fine.

“How is your diet?” asks the doctor.

“I have three well-balanced meals a day,” says the woman.

“Sometimes I have a light snack between lunch and dinner, but I eat very well.”

“Do you still have make love?” asks the doctor.

“What?” replies the old lady.

“lovemaking,” says the doctor.

“Do you still have lovemaking?”

The old woman get up out of her chair and opens the door to the waiting room and asks her husband,

“Honey, do we have lovemaking?”

The old man looks at her and says, “I have told you a thousand times, it’s Blue Cross Blue Shield!”


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