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A elderly female business was late for a meeting

An elderly female business executive was late for a meeting.

She is going 65 on a street where the speed limit is 40.

A cop pulls her over and says

“ma’am, can I please see your license?”

She says, “I’m sorry, officer, but I got it revoked two years ago for drunk driving.”

His brow furrows and he straightens up.

“Well, can I please see the registration of your car?”

She says, “I stole the car and I killed the driver; he’s in the trunk.”

“Ma’am, DON’T MOVE, I’m calling for backup.”

He mutters furiously into his walkies-talkie… Five minutes later, half the squad pulls up, the Chief of Police walks over to the woman’s window.

“Ma’am, can I see your license?” he asks sternly.

“Of course, officer,”

She smiles demurely and pulls out a license from her purse.

He squints warily at it.

“This looks legitimate,” he mumbles.

“Can I see the registration to this car?”

She pulls it out of the glove compartment and hands it to him.

“Ma’am, stand back!”

He bangs open the trunk of the car and flinches: but it was completely empty…

The old woman brandishes a finger at the first cop and says accusingly,

“And I’ll bet that liar told you I was speeding too!”


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