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A Frenchman, An Argentine, And A Brazilian Were Publicly Drinking

A Frenchman, an Argentine, and a Brazilian were publicly drinking in Russia during the 2018 World Cup.

But that is prohibited there, so they were captured by the police and taken to court.

The judge said that as the country was celebrating, they would take only 20 lashes, with the right to have a wish That wasn’t be escape the punishment.

The Frenchman was the first, the judge said:

J: “Ah, France, your country is so rude and narcissistic and I hate you, but as promised, you will be entitled to a wish, what do you want?

He replied:

F: “I want a pillow tied behind my back”

Done. They tied the pillow and after 8 lashes the pillow gave way.

Then came the Argentine, the judge said:

J: “Argentina, a very rude people, but promise is promise, what do you want?”

He replied:

A: “I want TWO pillows tied behind my back”

They tied the pillows and after 13 lashes the pillows gave way.

Finally the Brazilian, the judge said:

J: “Ah, Brazil, wonderful land, samba, football, beautiful women. You will get 2 wishes. What do you want?”

He asked:

B: “I want 200 lashes”

The surprised judge said:

J: “Brave, and what’s the second?”

B: “Tie the Argentine behind my back”.


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