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A Life Free From Distraction

Tired of the modern world, a businessman visited a monastery to seek a simpler life.

Entering the monastery, he saw monks in simple robes practicing their meditations and tending to the grounds.

“Ahh,” he thought, “here is a life free from distraction!” But walking into the study halls, he discovered monks staring into laptops.

In the wings, he saw monks typing on iPads. Shaken by this intrusion of the outside world into monastic life, he sought out the abbot.

The abbot looked up from his phone, greeted the man and asked if he had a question.

“Abbot, I came here expecting a place free from distraction, and yet I see distraction all around.

Tell me, is it now acceptable for monks to spend their time answering emails?” “Of course,” said the abbot, “provided there are no attachments.”


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