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A Man Gets Convicted - Lolopo
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A Man Gets Convicted

A man gets convicted of a crime and is sent to jail.

When he gets to the cafeteria, something weird is happening.

He hears random numbers being shouted out, followed by uproarious laughter, so he asks the guy next to him what’s going on.

Fellow says, “Well, you see, we’ve all been in here for so long, we’ve heard every joke there is to tell.

So, we gave each one a number.

When one of us wants to tell a joke, we shout the number, and everyone else remembers the joke and laughs.”

So the guy thinks let me try this.

He shouts out “48!” and is met with dead silence.

He turns to his neighbor and says, “What did I do wrong?” Fellow says, “Well, some people just cant tell a joke”


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