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A man goes to get his salary cheque - Lolopo
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A man goes to get his salary cheque

A man goes to get his salary cheque and when he opens it he discovers that his employer has overpaid him by £2000.

He decides not to tell anybody and keeps quiet.

At the end of the following month when he opens the cheque, he sees that he’s been underpaid by £2000.

Fuming, he goes to have it out with his employer. “Sir, I think you’ve made a mistake on my cheque.”

“And how do you figure that?” his employer asks.

“It seems I’ve been underpaid by £2000.”


“No disrespect Sir, but I want my money.”

“Last month I overpaid you by £2000 and you didn’t complain so why now?”

“Well Sir, thing is I don’t mind if you make a mistake once but if it becomes a habit I have to say something.”


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