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A man goes to the doctor - Lolopo
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A man goes to the doctor

A man goes to the doctor about the size if his weapon.

He says to the doctor “My tool is too small.”

Doctor gives the man some medicine, says “Drink this every time you bump into something your weapon will grow an inch.”

So the man thanks the doctor and leaves.

He drinks the medicine on his way home he bumps into a lam pot so his weapon grew an inch.

Just a little further down the road he bumps into an Indian guy.

A thousand apologies, he tool grows one thousand inches, baffled by his extra long weapon he decides to paint it red, hire and blue, and wrapped it round his neck, he decides to go to the cinema, he was watching a dirty movie, sat on the top of the row of seats, all of a sudden this voice comes on the speaker.

“Can the man with the red white and blue scarf stop chucking ice cream to the people below?”


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