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A man is admitted to the hospital - Lolopo
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A man is admitted to the hospital


A man is admitted to the hospital with chest pain.

The cardiologist orders a battery of test over the course of a week.

While studding the patient’s EKG he noticed that his heart rate was very erratic when his wife and daughter were visiting.

The doctor asked the man how his relationship was with his family.

Well I get along great with the 2 of them but they constantly fight and argue about anything and everything.

The Dr replied great. If they stop fighting all the time you will probably live for another 40 or 50 years.

However if they keep fighting you could die from the stress in a few months.

The man is greatly relieved and ask the doctor to call and tell his wife the prognosis.

He gets dressed and goes home. When he walks into his home his wife and daughter are crying uncontrollably.

When his wife see him she throws her arms around him and sobs

The doctor just called and you only have 3 months to live.


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