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Funny Jokes

A Rabbi And Priest

A rabbi and a priest meet up after a year not seeing each other.

The rabbi goes, “Man, you’ve put on some weight since last time!”

Priest: “Yeah I know, it is a new technique I came up with.

You go to a restaurant, eat as much as you can. When the bill comes, you tell them you already paid for it.”

Rabbi: “Sure, but the waiter won’t believe you, right?”

Priest: “Of course he won’t. That’s when you tell him how dare he doubt a man of faith?

It usually works and you can leave without paying.”

Rabbi: “Very nice, I’ll be trying this.”

Later that day, the rabbi goes to his favorite kosher restaurant.

After eating 5 plates, the waiter comes up to him with the bill.

Rabbi: “Oh, I already paid.”

Waiter: “Mmm, I’m pretty sure you did not sir.”

Rabbi: “You know I’m a rabbi, how dare you doubt a man of faith? I told you, I already paid.”

Waiter: “So sorry sir, you are right, it must be some misunderstanding, you’re good to go.”

15 minutes goes by and the rabbi is still at the table.

30 minutes… 45 minutes… 1 hour and he is still there!

The waiter walks up to him, “Sir, why are you still here?”

Rabbi: “Well, I’m waiting for the change!”


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