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Funny Jokes

A Tractor Salesman Shows Up At Joe’s Farm

The salesman approaches the farmer and says,

“Good day to you sir! I’d like to tell you about our top-of-the-line tractor.

You will not find a better tractor than this anywhere and I can see that you are a man of discerning tastes.

Tell you what “Old Joe interrupts the sales pitch and without a word leads the man to the barn.

When they get there he says,

“You a good salesman? Let me tell you a story.”

“The other day I came out to milk old Bessie.

I just got sat down behind her and she kicks me with her back left leg.”

“So I tied it to the stall.

Then she kicks me with her back right leg.

So I tied that to the stall, too.

Then she swats me right in the face with her tail.

So I tied a piece of twine to her tail and looped the other end over the rafters.”

The salesman gives a puzzled nod, and the farmer continues.

“Then my wife walked into the barn and she sees me standing behind old Bessie. “

“Now, mister… if you can convince my wife I was only trying to MILK that cow I’ll buy one of your damn tractors.”


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