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A Young Bluebird Was Flying From Tree

A young bluebird was flying from tree to tree in the brisk autumn air when he heard his parents call.

Upon arriving back to the nest they tell the young avian to prepare for the trip south.

The little bluebird stubbornly inquires why, to which papa bluebird replies with details of heavy and cold white snow, scarcity of food, and other general discomforts.

Relentless, the rebellious adolescent bird with blue feathers flew from the nest and tweeted back to his parents that he wanted to stay, and in fact was going to—no matter what.

So, that’s what happened.

For the first couple of weeks the bluebird felt as free as….well, a bird, of course.

Flying here-to-there, there-to-wherever his little bird eyes fancied.

It wasn’t long, though, until the first snowflakes began to pull down their cold aura onto the fields, trees, brooks, and hills….and, or course the little headstrong bluebird.


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