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A young woman is at a party

A young woman is at a party where she meets an older gentleman.

The two get to talking and eventually the topic of age comes up.

The older gentleman says, “Well, I’m 57, but don’t tell me how old you are just yet!

See, I have this special ability where I can tell when a woman was born by feeling her melons.”

Amazed by the bold claim, the young woman dismisses it as idle bravado.

But as the night wears on and she continues to talk with the older man, curiosity starts to get the better of her.

After a few hours and another drink or two, she relents.

“Alright sir, I’m not sure that I believe you, but I have to see if you are in fact telling the truth.”

The pair moves away from the party to find a secluded spot, where the older gentleman asks her to unbutton her T-shirt and take off her corset.

He then places his hands on the young woman’s melons and begins to carefully examine them, feeling first one, then the other.

This drags on for several minutes and the young woman begins to get impatient.

“Alright, old man, it’s been long enough, hasn’t it?

Do you know when I was born or not?”

The gentleman steps back with a gleam in his eye and says triumphantly,

“Well miss, I am thoroughly convinced that you were born yesterday!”


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