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An Elephant And A Mouse Are Walking

An elephant and a mouse are walking through a forest…

Then suddenly the elephant falls through a trap hole and can’t get out.

The mouse starts panicking as the elephant, stuck, pleads for help.

So the mouse starts thinking… and runs back all the way out of the forest, where he finds a parking lot.

At the edge of the parking lot, he sees a red Mercedes Benz convertible…

Mouse hops in and drives the Benz to the elephant.

Luckily, When he opens the trunk, he finds a rope, which he attaches to the Benz and then throws it to the elephant in the trap hole.

The mouse then drives the car forward and the elephant is able to pull himself out of the hole.

The elephant is very gracious the thanks Mouse and they continue on their journey…

After a little while walking through the forest, Mouse suddenly drops into a trap hole and as he’s panicking he calls out to the elephant and pleads to the elephant for help…


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