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Bill Gates Is Having Lunch In A Restaurant

He says “Excuse me Mr Gates, I know this is presumptious but if I can have thirty seconds of your time: I read your amazing book about your early career and, basically,

I’m now at the point you were at when you were just starting out.

I’m entertaining a couple of business sponsors to lunch and it would really help if, just as you were leaving, you passed by my table and said ‘See you later, Dave’.

I think that would make a really favourable impression on them.”

The young man slips away and Bill ponders his request, then smiles good-naturedly, pays for lunch and gets his coat.

On his way out of the restaurant he passes by the young man’s table and says “See you later, Dave”.

And the young man says “Piss off, Bill! Can’t you see I’m having a working lunch?”


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