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Coulda Been Worse

A father walks past his son’s room and to his astonishment he sees that the bed is neatly made and the room is all tidied up.

Then he saw an envelope on the pillow.

It’s addressed to “Dad”.

He picked it up, tore it open and read the note:

“Dear Dad, it is with great regret and sorrow that I write to you.

I had to run away with my new girlfriend because I didn’t want to argue with you and Mom.

Margaret-Ann and I discovered true passion. She’s so cute.

I know you guys don’t approve of her because there are so many rings through her lips, nose and other places,

And she’s five years older than me.

But it’s not just about passion, Dad. She is also pregnant.

Margaret-Ann says we will be very happy.

She has a caravan standing somewhere in a forest and there is a whole heap of firewood for the winter.

We just want lots of kids.

Margaret-Ann also taught me that marijuana is not bad.

We are going to grow some of it in the woods ourselves and sell to others in the community.

Then with that money we can buy other, more expensive drugs like COKE.

Meanwhile, we hope and pray that science will find a cure for AIDS so Margaret-Ann gets healthy.
She deserves it !!!!!!!!

Don’t worry, Dad.

At least I am already fifteen and can look after myself.

Relax, and enjoy the grandchildren still to come.

With love

Your son, Jason

PS !!! Dad, none of this is true!!!! I’m at Nick’s.

I just wanted to remind you, Dad, that there are much worse things in life

than a bad report card.

Call when it’s safe to come home !!!!!


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