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Funny Jokes

He asks for a cup of coffee

A guy stops at a little cake shop run by an elderly couple.

He asks for a cup of coffee.

The old man who was working the counter turns to the kitchen and says,

“Sweetie! A cup of coffee to this gentleman please!”

The man found that rather cute and, deciding he could use some cake with his coffee decided to order a slice.

The elderly man turned to the kitchen again and proclaimed.

“Love of my life! A slice of cake too please.”

The man found that adorable and, deciding to see that just one more time asked for some cookies and just like that.

“Oh reason of my existence! Some cookies too!”

After the man was done and was paying the bill he turned to the senior and said

“It’s rather adorable how you two call each other cute nicknames like that. You don’t see that much nowadays.”

The old man looked at the boy, then towards the kitchen and whispered to the man

“Naah. I just forgot the Hag’s name 20 years ago.”


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