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He went to heaven he met God - Lolopo
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He went to heaven he met God

One day an engineer dies.

He was kind that built lots of things, like air conditioners.

When he went to heaven he met God.

God says “Go to hell, you’re not on my list.”

So after going 30,255,391 stairs to hell, he lets the devil know who he is and so the devil says “Hey, come on in!”

In hell the engineer built airplanes, buildings, cars, etc.

God sees this and says “Hey devil, you know that engineer guy. He needs to come back to heaven.”

The devil says “Are you crazy, I’m not gonna let you have him.”

To which God says “If you don’t let me have him, I’ll sue.”

Devil says “You can’t sue! You don’t even have lawyers up there!”


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