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I was headed for a blind date last night

I was headed for a blind date last night, but I was worried… what to do if she was really unattractive.

My friend told me not to worry as there is an app for just that situation. It’s called Mum Are You Okay.

It schedules your phone to ring just after you meet your date.

If you like her, you just ignore your phone.

If you want to cut short the date, you answer with; Mum? What’s the matter? Are you okay? It works every time, so no worries.

So anyway, I knocked on the girl’s door and it turns out I needn’t have worried at all.

She was absolutely gorgeous with stunning looks.

But just when I was about to speak to her, her phone rang.

She answered it and said, “Mum? What’s the matter? Are you okay?”


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