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Johnny’s Mother Got Pulled Over - Lolopo
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Johnny’s Mother Got Pulled Over

Little Johnny’s mother got pulled over on I-44 for going 7 mph over the speed limit.

As the officer started walking up to their car, the mother rolled her window down.

The Little Johnny apparently INCREDIBLY smart 4 yr boy, started screaming from the backseat:

“It’s coming out!!!!!”

“I can’t hold it any longer!!!!!”

“It’s almost here!!!!!!!!!!!”

Now the trooper is HEARING his scream and he leans in the window and asks him

“What’s going on here???”

The little Johnny looks him DEAD IN THE FACE And says,

“I’ve got poop coming outta my bum!!”

“He started laughing.”

He asked how far they had to go, which was about 2 miles home.

“He told the mother to drive safely and get him home to do his business. He could NOT stop laughing”

As soon as they pulled away, the mother asked,

“What the hell was that about???”

The Little Johnny smirked and said,

“I saw it on YouTube but I didn’t think it would work”

The mother said “So…… You’re not pooping ?”

He said “nope and you’re not in trouble either.”

Little Johnny is the real hero.


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