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One Day John Was Driving His Favorite Tractor

One day, while John was driving his favorite tractor, a Massey Ferguson 5710SL, the vehicle caught on fire.

Luckily John escaped but not without injury, the tractor had blown up and some shrapnel had hit John after he jumped out of the tractor.

He was scarred, physically and mentally and absolutely hated tractors from then on.

He tore the posters off his wall, threw out all his toy tractors and even gave his dog away to his neighbors.

Many years later, John was drinking alone in a crowded pub when suddenly the pub caught fire.

People rushed to the door but couldn’t make it out before the place filled with smoke.

All of a sudden, John stood on his chair, breathed ALL the smoke into his lungs, rushed over to a window, and blew all the smoke outside.

Everyone was amazed. “How did you do that?!”, the bar owner asked.

“It was easy”, John replied, “I’m an ex-tractor fan!”


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