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Sven walks into the local pub

One day Sven walks into the local pub and announces, “Well boys Sven’s is getting married.”

As you can imagine all of Sven’s’ friends were very happy for Sven’s good fortune and they asked, “Who’s the lucky girl?”

Sven replied, “Well I am a marrying Madge.”

Well, this upset all of Sven’s friends because Madge was nothing but a slut, and they all cried.

“Sven you can’t marry Madge, she’s not a nice girl!”

“Sven replied, “Oh ya, Sven’s in love and he’s a getting married.”

And his friends persisted, “Sven, Madge is a woman of low morals.”

Sven just grinned and replied, “Oh ya ya ya, but I love Madge.”

Finally, his friends had enough and in unison cried out, “But Sven, Madge has been make love by every man in town!”

“Oh ya ya ya,” said Sven, “But it’s not that big of a town.”


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