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The 2 policemen were on patrol

The 2 policemen were on patrol about 3 am when they suddenly saw an older man walking alone in the street wobbling and barely walking a straight line.

They stopped him to make sure he wasn’t getting into a car to drive home.

“Where are you coming from?”. ” asked one of the officers.

“And where are you going at a time like this? Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“What? sleep!? No way, I’m on my way to a lecture on alcohol addiction and its effects on the body, the harms of smoking, and proper social behavior.”

“Really?” an officer said dubiously, exchanging knowing looks with his partner.

“Are you sure you didn’t drink too much tonight? I seriously doubt anyone is giving lectures on these topics at a time like this.”

The man sighed and said,

“Tell that to my wife…


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