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Three Men Get Drunk

Three men get drunk one night and break into a Bug Farm.

They start smashing away at the signs and windows, before each settling on an enclosure to destroy, killing every insect they find there.

The beam from a flashlight illuminates them all mid-destruction, and an enormous security guard apprehends them.

He sits them down in his office.

“For this awful thing you have done, you will all be punished accordingly.
You -” he points to the first man.

“What did you destroy?”

“I attacked the butterfly enclosure” the first man stammers.

“Then I will make you eat pound after pound of butter until you are sick” the guard replies before turning to the second man.

“And you?”

“I went for the stick insect enclosure” he whimpers, visibly shaking.

“Then I will make you eat stick after stick until you are ill” the guard states.

He turns to the third man, who is weeping uncontrollably.

“What’s wrong with you?” the guard asks.

“I went for the cockroach enclosure”


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