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Funny Jokes

Two college football players

Two college football players named Bubba and Jed were taking an exam in English Literature.

They must pass this exam in order to fulfill the academic requirement.

If they fail, they would be dropped from the college varsity team for the whole season.

The exam was relatively easy as it consisted mainly of fill-in-the-blank type of answers.

However, Bubba was stumped by one particular item.

The statement read “Complete the nursery phrase … Ol’ MacDonald had a ______.”

Trying as hard as he could, Bubba could not think of the answer.

Seeing the professor was busy reading a book, Bubba took this opportunity to ask his teammate Jed.

“Pssst, Jed,” whispered Bubba.

“What did Ol’ MacDonald have?”

“Gosh, Bubba, that’s easy!” said Jed.

Looking to make sure the professor wasn’t looking, Jed said, “A farm! Bubba! That’s what Ol’ MacDonald had. Even babies know that!”

“Oh! Right!” nodded Bubba as though it was at the tip of his tongue.

But as he proceeded to write down the answer, Bubba stopped to ask Jed again in a low voice.

“Hey, Jed! How do you spell farm?”

“Jeez, you’re so dumb, Bubba!” admonished Jed.

“Every one knows farm is spelled ‘e-i-e-i-o’.”


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