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Naughty Jokes

3 People Get Stranded On A Jungle Island

A tribe finds them, and tells them to go into the jungle and find a piece of fruit, and they can live in the tribe. So they do…

The first guy comes back with a peach.

The chief tells him he has to stick it up, and if he laughs he dies.

The guy tries, but starts laughing so they behead him.

The second guy comes back with a grape.

The chief tells him the same thing, and he does it.

He’s doing well, but halfway through he bursts out laughing, so they kill him.

The two guys meet in the afterlife.

The first guy said “I laughed because the peach was tickling me.

Why did you laugh?” “Well,” said the second guy, “I was doing fine.

Then I saw the third guy come back with a pineapple!”


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