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Naughty Jokes

4 nuns

4 Nuns (Mary, Clarence, Enid and Steph) were involved in a horrific car crash that killed them all

Next thing they knew they were all standing in front of the pearly gates with St Peter greeting them with a friendly smile.

As they drew closer Peter said “Before I can let you pass into heaven you each need to answer a question.

He turned toward sister Enid and asked have you ever had any experience of the male?

Sister Enid blushed and put her head down and told St Peter that when she was younger she accidently caught a glimpse of her brother when he was in the shower.

Don’t worry said Peter Bath your eyes in the font in front of the gates and then pass into heaven.

He turned to sister Steph and asked the same question about her experience with the male.

She went bright red and started to mumble away about how before she took holy orders she was a bit wayward and once gave an old boyfriend a hand job.

Don’t worry said St Peter wash your hands in the font in front of the gates and then pass into heaven.

At that moment sister Clarence and sister Mary ran towards the font and started fighting in front of it. St Peter was not amused and shouted at the two women to stop… Once calm had been established he asked sister Clarence what it was all about.

Oh St peter she said I am so sorry but I just wanted to rinse my mouth out at the font before sister Mary washed her.


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