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A Woman Is Having Brunch With Her Friends. - Lolopo
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A Woman Is Having Brunch With Her Friends.


This middle-aged, divorced woman from NY City is having brunch with her friends one day.

One of the comments that she hasn’t been herself lately.

The others agree, and someone suggests she needs a change.

The woman agrees and decides she is going to take a trip.

The next morning she visits a travel agency and books a three week trip to Africa.

When she gets there she has a wonderful time visiting museums, shopping, and so forth.

Finally, as the main feature of her trip, she goes on a motorized safari through the jungle.

She gets into an open-top jeep, along with her guide and driver, and a number of other tourists.

The jeep travels down this rugged, dark trail, deeper and deeper into the wild.

They manage to spot all kinds of wildlife when the guide tells the driver to stop.

Up ahead are baby gorillas playing in the trees.

The woman stands up to take a photo, when suddenly this huge male gorilla swings by on a vine and snatches the woman around the waist.

He swings on with her to another vine and another, taking her deep into the jungle, far from the trail.

After what seems like hours he drops her into a sort nest, high up in a tree, where he brutally has his way with her.

Afterwards, he leaves her for the night.

Because she is so high up and so shocked she cannot make it down for the tree.

The gorilla returns the next day with an armload of bananas and melons and other fruits.

He then ass@ults her again and leaves.

Finally, one morning, she spots the safari driver and guides searching for her.

They find her and manage to get her down.

They bundle her out of the jungle and take her to a hospital in a nearby city.

After a few days in the hospital and a few weeks of rest at a hotel, she flies back to NYC.

Eventually, one Sunday, she meets her friends for brunch.

They are all very excited to hear about her trip to Africa.

She tells them the whole story, including her abduction by the gorilla.

Afterwards, one of her friends says,

“Oh, honey! It must have been TERRIBLE for you!”

She responds,

“You have no idea… It’s been two months now. He doesn’t call! He doesn’t write!”


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