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Naughty Jokes

An American Businessman In Japan

An American traveling to Japan for business found himself with two extra days after business concluded earlier than expected.

Being single and away from home for so long, he sought after female company which he found at a geisha house.

After selecting his partner, they proceeded to the room and undressed.

As soon as the love session began, his female partner started softly whispering “Yakamoda”, Yakamoda”.

Not knowing any of the language, he believed this was good and that she was enjoying the session as much as he was.

He proceeded to move faster now and the woman said with a firmer tone “Yakamoda”, “Yakamoda”, “Yakamoda”.

He was beside himself now spurred by the enthusiasm of his female partner and proceeded to imitate a rabbit he had seen on the discovery channel.

She now screamed deep from her lungs “YAKAMODA”, “YAKAMODA”, “YAKAMODA”!

As he finished, he found that she had fainted so he collected his things and left.

The next day he found himself playing golf with one of his Japanese clients.

It was a par 3, approximately 173 yards when his Japanese playing partner struck the ball which took flight, landed on the green and then rolled gently into the hole.

Struck with excitement and at a loss for words, the American stated “Yakamoda” sir.

The Japanese gentleman looked at him strangely and stated “what do you mean wrong hole”?


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