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Looking Back On 10 Years Of Marriage



When I first met my wife we went on our first date and I was pretty nervous.

I wanted to take her somewhere different to break the monotonous “first date” vibe of coffee or drinks so we decided to go to a local apiary to help transplant some bees to a new hive.

When we arrived I was surprised that out of the group the keeper picked me to dawn the traditional safety measures (IE: gloves, full suit and mask/head covering).

Apparently my job was to grab any bees that stayed behind and didn’t naturally move to the next hive.

As the keeper smoked the hive I could tell my services were going to be needed as quite a few stuck around and refused to inhabit the new location.

I was instructed to “just grab them” and “put them into the new hive”.

I was extremely apprehensive as I have a small fear of being stung.

Not wanting to look like a wussy on our first date I jumped in and grabbed a large handful of writhing and angry bees that I thought for sure would be my demise.

Standing there, with these wriggling dangerous insects in my hands I happened to lock eyes with my soon to be wife and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Her hair shined in the sun and she had a radiant glow about her.

I couldn’t look away, the keeper had to eventually jump in and guide my hands to the new hive out of fear of losing them.

Out of the entire date I walked away with a passion for her and a new understanding of life and love.

Beauty truly is in the eyes of the Bee Holder.


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