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Naughty Jokes

So I Drive Around The City

So I drive around the city a lot, see a lot of stuff, ya know, trees and whatnot.

Anyways, I just passed a homeless lady who was holding a sign that said ” widowed, single, need help, kisses included.”

What an interesting sign, so unique, so confident, so single…

So she came up to my window and smiled at me, while pointing to her sign. Very proud of her methhead macaroni art.

I swear it looked like she makes out with rats, right before she eats thems.

She had teeth that would be envious of the British dental standard.

Her teeth were the teeth of the boogie man from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Her mouth knew the guy that knew the guy who sold heisenberg’s blue meth.

I was scared, but I wanted to help, what a situation to be in, I had to think quick.

So I gave her 5 dollars and told her I was paying for the guy behind me.


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