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Naughty Jokes

Stanley The Strongest

Inside this 30-year-old actor lives Stanley the sperm cell along with about a million other sperm cells.

We focus on Stanley because, for once, he wants to be the sperm that fertilizes the egg.

He trains diligently every day. He swims around, lift weights, that kind of stuff.

An old sperm cell comes up to him and asks the reason for all the exercise and Stanley replies, “I want to fertilize the egg.”

The old sperm cell tells young Stanley that if he is the one to do this he must say, “Hi, I’m sperm.” to which the egg should reply, “Hi, I’m egg.” then you can fertilize it.

Stanley thanks him and the old sperm wishes him luck.

Finally, the big day comes. It gets warm and somewhat vibrantly inside and then they’re off.

Millions of sperm are swimming fiercely with none other than Stanley in the lead.

He’s so proud of himself.

As the distance between him and the other sperm grow, he notices a big red ball.

He knows this is the egg and he swims his heart out to finish the race.

He approaches the red ball and says, like the old sperm told him to, “Hi, I’m sperm.” the big red ball replied, “Hi, I’m tonsil.”


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